It is the end of the summer in Maine. The skies  are crystalline blue; the ocean is as warm as it ever gets. The nights are cool, the days are sunny, and the gardens are finally reaching their peak. My own little garden has lettuce and chard, herbs  and tomatoes, and blueberries edge the yard.  

The new school year is around the corner, bringing with it the nostalgia of new crayons and pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes. Yet, we live in such a scattered world. It is difficult not only to focus on the things that are important to us, but to keep our focus there, while acting on our concerns for:  Rockets in Ukraine. Tanks in Missouri.   Quarantine in Liberia. Explosions in Gaza. And all the things on my mind: Pick up the milk. Get to the bank. Prep for the quarterly Board meeting.  Eat the blueberries!

In such a tumultuous world, how do we keep focus on what is important? I believe that there are practical strategies that we can all use to manage our responsibilities at work, at home, and in fulfilling our commitments to the larger world.  Stay tuned for the “Top Traits of  Effective Managers.”